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Small Animals
With any pet, fresh water is vital. Make sure to offer fresh water regularly and have water available at all times. Always make sure to clean your pet's food and water bowls or bottles to avoid contaminants that may make your pet ill.
Gerbils, hamsters, and rats need a complete feed diet to stay healthy. They also need to be fed proper amounts to keep them from from overeating and gaining too much weight. Use a fortified kibble or block to provide a rounded diet. If you feed a mixed feed, make sure your pet is eating all of the feed as they may pick out favorite bits and leave the rest behind.
Guinea Pigs and rabbits are herbivores. They need to have food moving constantly through their digestive systems to avoid health problems. A diet of mostly hay provides the long fiber necessary to keep their systems working properly. Add fortified pellets daily to round out your chinchilla’s, guinea pig's, or rabbit's diet to keep them healthy.
Every type of bird has its own personality and characteristics. So each type of bird has its own diet and environment needs. Make sure to get the right feed for you feathered friend. Environment and entertainment are also important for healthy happy birds.  
We have a variety of complete diet options for your pet
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